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a simple api & ui framework

api is php, ui is html, css, js.
you can download for free and use it immediately.

no dependencies, no learning curve, no install, quick to start a new app.

create multiple apps with one genes core and one db on your server.

it is production ready for your next MVP, already being used on multiple projects.


download and copy to your server


go to your web folder and create a simple file


browse to web address on your browser. done.

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Features that makes Genes worthy of switching to...

  • It is a lightweight, simple and basic backend and frontend framework.
  • It has no dependency on other libraries.
  • Backend is currently PHP (more languages to come), frontend is native html, css, js. Everything is vanilla.
  • If you're going to use to DB, it needs MySQL (more dbs to come)
  • No special setup required. In order to use it, you don't need to include loads of other open-source libraries.
  • It forces no deployment or CI/CD model. No command prompt required.
  • No special hosting required, any 5 USD/month shared hosting will do.
  • It's learning curve is very low. It's extremely flexible, as it forces no development model.
  • You can use a single genes folder to create multiple clones. You can even use the same single DB.
  • You can easily create a multilingual simple static html website with it.
  • You can create a blog in no time. Admin functions and user / membership actions are built in.
  • There are frameworks with loads of features. But this is for you to get your MVP up and running in no time.
  • There are sample "clones" as recipes to start anything new for you, a blog, a semi-static website, a landing page, a barebone API backend...
  • UI side has a small bundle of components, that may increase in time.
  • API side has an easily customizable structure that you can get a web app up and running by adding custom functions to a single file.


Date based updates and not so detailed information...

  • 2020-02-01
    • Genes is released publicly.

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