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The Story

What is it? - Genes is a simple backend and frontend framework. It has no dependency on other libraries. Why is it started? - Because most of the people are too lazy to learn new frameworks. (Including us.) They are too much work, and require commitment. Isn't this also a new framework? - Well, yes and no. Because it is actually very lightweight and native so it is not like learning something new and entering an entire new domain. What did you need it for? - To try new startup ideas. At NodOnce, we try to create new apps and test new startup ideas easily.
- To handle multiple projects, with a small team, takes a lot of time and effort.
- Not if they share the same codebase, though.
- Not every startup idea needs 20 people working for 2 years and spending 2 million euros worth of resources.
- But they may worth something, so, it's fine to give it a shot.

The History

Well, it started around 2014 when we had enough of some of the options available.
While we actively tried to use and heavily customize available options,
including plugin development, theme development, and more, we felt it was too much work for very simple needs.
Plus, on multiple occasions shared hosting accounts got blocked, VPSs needed to be upgraded
as without proper caching most options used too much resource.
"Coding for coding's sake" hurts not only the development scene, but in general, the world.

The Future

There may not be many great improvements to the core of Genes.
Maybe some fixes and optimizations.
As we are not trying to become a "make everything", "conquer the world", "without this on your CV, you're nothing" framework.
The core can not grow much. It may only become "enough". After that maybe some mods, and clones will be around for you to do your thing more quickly.
That's it.


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