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What is the conceptual design?

Clone includes Genes to work as a Web Application.
By including genes.php in an index.php the App becomes a Genes Clone.
You can use separate genes folders and DBs for each clone.
You can make use of Genes in a local machine, a private network, or a web server.

You can also use a single genes folder for all your separate Clones.
You can use the same DB for all your separate Clones.
Each separate Clone folder will have separate config files,
and allow separate functions,
and allow to have separate branding/templates for each.


What am I getting?

Genes consists of two folders: API and UI
API : Has the PHP files (yet), server side, backend functionality.
UI : Has the JS and CSS files, client side, frontend functionality.


How does it work?

When you have a web server, your domain folder includes your files. like index.php.
When you browse the domain you see that file rendered.
Just upload the Genes folder you downloaded there. (It can be anywhere, including the domain folder.)

When you include the genes.php inside index.php and your browse the domain genes setup occurs.
Genes considers the folder where the index.php is, as a Clone, and creates necessary files and folders there.
From that point on, that Clone has a specific separate config file, a log and data folders and more...

You can then immediately browse to /admin to manage your semi-static Clone.
It uses the default admin template files from the genes folder,
and gets the necessary js and css files from the cloud.

From this starter template on, you can customize as much you want.
Including a database connection.
Using different admin templates,
moved to another folder,
with different functions..
As you please.


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