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What is Genes? What sets is apart? There are already loads of frameworks, both on backend and frontend side.

Genes is a simple backend and frontend framework. It has no dependency on other libraries. Backend is currently PHP (more languages to come), frontend is native html, css, js. Everything is vanilla. If you're going to use to DB, it needs MySQL (more dbs to come) It's lightweight, simple and basic. No special setup required. In order to use it, you don't need to include loads of other open-source libraries. It's learning curve is very low. It's extremely flexible, as it forces no development model. It forces no deployment or CI/CD model. No special hosting required, any 5 USD/month shared hosting will do. You can use a single genes folder to create multiple clones. You can even use the same single DB.

What is it good for?

You can easily create a multilingual simple static html website with it. You can create a blog in no time. Admin functions and user / membership actions are built in. It has a starter db structure. The idea behind the DB is that you actually don't need to mess with the DB to get your MVP up and running. Just fit your model to starter DB structure, as no user actually cares whatever your DB, or backend, or frontend technology is. They care if it is smooth operating, fast and stable while being good looking and functional. There are probably frameworks with loads of more features. But this is for you to get your MVP up and running in no time. Focused there.

What is the terminology within Genes?

Genes : Why genes? Because they are used to create every living creature. They can be modified. Same root genes can be used to create different Clones.
Clone : A clone is what you make of the Genes Framework. Every url-reached folder that includes the framework is a different clone. With custom config file.
Mod : Mod is a modification of Genes, like a plugin, only simpler. Every clone is unique in its own way, mods are included to add some features and functionality to the clone.


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